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About Slow Art


Slow Art is about the art, which seeks an alternative framework apart from the existing Art market system (governed by Economic centricism) along with the other Slow Movements. It focuses on the sustainability of the environment and the quality of life.

The Basic Slow Art principle is as follows;

• art which doesn’t rush to seek ‘money’
• art which develops ‘horizontally’ rather than ‘vertically’; by slowly circulating and connecting from place to place, people to people,
• art which appeals to the wider society as an essential part of life, like the Slow Food Movement
• art that is not just ‘Slow’ in speed and laid back, but art in geological time: as evolution through ‘renovation’ and ‘transformation’ towards to our future society; (eg.Slow Food says No to McDonalds)

The following are 5 characteritics of the actual art making process.

• Take time to observe everyday life much more carefully. The idea of each project needs to be derived from everyday life.
• Choose simple materials that connect with your life.
• Focus on a process of art making rather than object making. The work always changes subtly, and grows like a living organism.
• Create art works on site from zero if possible, and use the gallery as a studio. Spend time on site to experience the space, physically and internally. When the exhibition finishes, go back to zero. Seek the meaning of artwork that doesn’t last.
• Blur the boundaries between artist and audience.

These ideas provide artists with a new relationship with society.

Slow Art Collective is an artist’s group who shares the SLOW ART philosophy. This group will grow as a flexible artist’s collective which considers ART as LIFE, and LIFE as ART. We will develop artistic projects, public programs, publications, and network with other SLOW artists nationally and internationally, intending to foster a discussion about the role of contemporary art in a sustainable society.

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