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White Nest: 2010 at McClelland Sculpture Survey and Award (artist statement for catalogue)

15As an artist, I aim to respond to the reality of our place and time; currently this is a period of over-consumerism that has created enormous debt to be paid for by future societies. As a response, I seek meaning through ephemeral works – objects constructed on site and removed after a show, and sometimes constructed to decay or be recycled within the environment in which they have been created. This approach corresponds to the notion of ‘ecological footsteps’ in art. My interest is not so much in the nature of art, but in how I and the resulting work relate to the space that surrounds it.

In the White Nest series, I seek to extend the potential notion of sculpture, because it is substantial in scale, although its form is not solid. The works vary in size and shape according to the environment and develop like a multiplication of fungi or hyperplasia of cells. The work investigates the visual fusion between the environs of nature and constructed creation.

The title, White Nest, refers to the concept of unseen insect architecture. There is an underlying subtext of collective consciousness, of desire, a search for a place where all belong, like ‘an organ of the universe’. The work portrays the simultaneous fragility and strength of life. It is about the unstable relationship between the natural world and humanity.

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