Home: an exhibition of textile arts

28 June - 11 August 2019 • During opening hours • CS Gallery and Melton Library and Learning Hub


A celebration of textile arts, this exhibition explores the crossover between arts and crafts. Textile crafts have a rich history across many cultures, and therefore are a perfect medium to explore the diversity of our community in the City of Melton. Pushing the boundaries of the medium, textile artworks often combine technical skill with challenging concepts, imagination and contemporary aesthetics.

The Home Sewn: Makers of Melton project was intentionally created to develop skills and build cultural capacity within the City of Melton. The new friendships that have bloomed throughout the project speaks to the strength of the project’s inclusivity, and the welcoming attitude of artists and participants. Another wonderful result of the project has been the boost to the participants’ confidence in their arts practice. From tentative beginnings come bold strokes of creativity, with each artist finding their authentic response to the theme, home.

The exhibition challenged the artists to explore their own notions of Home; where they come from, and what home means to them. What feelings are imbued with the sense of coming home?

Often the thoughts we have of home have nothing to do with a physical space, but are driven by memories, emotions, and connections. The artists have used textiles to convey these explorations of home in visual form. From weaving to needlepoint, crochet, knitting and everything in between, each artwork is a reflection of the explorations of each creator in the project.

This exhibition is accompanied by the Home Exhibition Catalogue

This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.


Exhibition Locations and Opening Hours

193-201 Caroline Springs Blvd, Caroline Springs
Monday, Wednesday: 8am – 8pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: 1pm – 4pm


31 McKenzie Street, Melton
Monday to Thursday: 8.30am – 8pm
Friday: 8.30am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: 1pm – 4pm