Slow Art Collective (Dylan Martorell, Chaco Kato) and guest artist Geoff Robinson have been working with children with special needs from Yarrabah School over the past 7 weeks at McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery. We created a great, fun, multi-sensory Archi-Loom installation together in the brand new Education pavilion and on the outdoor landscaped terrace.  I must say that this has been one of the most rewarding 7 weeks in my professional life. Every day has been a new learning experience. The partnership has made me re-question what it means to be creative and inclusive in everyday life - these ideas have been my central inquiry in my professional life as an artist.

We are about to wrap up the project and are working towards the final presentation this weekend. Please make your way to McClelland if you have spare time, to check out what we have done so far. 

Besides our Yarrabah project, there is more to see: very interesting show in the main gallery, and many, many wonderful sculptures in the property as you all know! Don’t forget, there is a lovely cafe, in fact many people come here even just for the sake of cup of tea and lunch.

On a similar note, there is another wonderful show for craft lovers happening at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, 'Craftivism. Dissident objects and subversive forms'.This is the national touring show, which started in Shepperton last year. There are many inspiring works to see that explore the diverse practice of using ‘craft’ as platform, e.g. craft as political statement . My work (Slow Art Collective) is also there in the entrance as well. 

There is an another wonderful show by Ross Mannings at the same time. Truely stunning work using light and sound with re-purposed materials.

Hope you enjoy the day with a bit of sea breeze.

Closing presentation of Archi-Loom: Playscapes, Slow Art Collective with Yarrabah School
Saturday 22 June, 2019, 2 - 3.30pm
390 McClelland Drive, Langwarrin, Victoria 3910, 5 min drive from Frankston station

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